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We (Aaron & Mallory) started in the winter of 2017. It began with a very simple concept. Share WA destinations that have become special to our family and help others discover these adventures for themselves.


It worked. In just a few months thousands of people found our page and continue to actively engage in our growing community.


Tens of thousands of people each month see and share our content and are turning our tips into adventures of their own. Just like we had hoped. 

Along the way we continue to get questions more specific to how we've been able to pull off these little adventures with kids, questions on gear, advice for active new parents, car questions, and more. While remains solely focused on simply sharing these amazing trip worthy destinations, we needed a place to address more personally those followers who could closely relate to our family. 


The BOREN WILD blog is this place. ( our last name is Boren if that just looked like a typo to you ) So stay tuned for more videos, blogs, and family specific content as we aim to meet and encourage more young families like ours to get out there and explore. Feel free to shoot us any questions you may have and we'll cover these in future Q&A videos. 

To follow along check out our Part 1 - HIT THE ROAD video/blog below. There you will find all of the links to our personal accounts. 

We're glad you found us and hope you stick around! 

Before catching our ferry out to Friday Harbor we headed down the to the beach during low tide at Deception Pass and found some rocks to take the boys on their first rock climb. They enjoyed it, well kinda, Summit (our youngest, for now) got a little scared for a minute. Both of them really just wanted to swing around on the rope like a swing, so that's what we ended up doing. 

Once we arrived on the island we tested our luck and headed straight to Lime Kiln State Park. This wasn't were we were c...

As we head out on our second week of adventure with the family I wanted to kick it off with a solid night on the water. And we did just that as we spent our first night out at Deception Pass. 

For those who have been here before know I didn't have to do much editing to make this place look amazing! 

The concept for this week was to explore the islands of the Puget Sound. Deception Pass sits right below the bridge that connect Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands. So it was also an easy way to check off 2 i...

Now that we were headed in the direction of home we were really only had one place in mind. I had been here years before as a teenager but had never brought my family to this place. Winthrop. 

Winthrop is this old school, western themed town that is tucked away on the easter side of the Northern Cascade Mountains and is a favorite summer destination for thousands. In fact the freeway that connects Winthrop to the western side of the state is closed for most of the winter months due to snow. 

It wa...

This was going to be a highlight of the trip... that's what I had planned anyways... things didn't quite go as planned. 

Our goal was initially to explore the greater Spokane area and check out some of the cool camping spot they have. I mean one of the original REI's is located right down town so we new there must be some outdoors stuff to find. More specifically there was an ORV Park that I wanted to camp at... turns out that the park is big and cool and all, but no camping. 

So we headed up the...

So I new the Moses Lake dunes were going to be hard to beat but I didn't know the very next night we were going to find this camp spot with this back to back sunsets! 

As we continued to drive east we were headed for the Umatilla National Forest but knew we had to make a slight detour and needed to visit our states waterfall, Pallouse Falls. It's a rare geological feature in this otherwise fairly dry and flat part of the state. The falls were created and glaciers receded during the last ice age....


I'm not sure how we're going to pull off a cooler camp site than this. We were all alone, lake side, on top of a sand dune!?!? (yup, in Washington)

With clear skies, warm temps, and just enough breeze to keep bugs away it all added up to be a pretty epic first night. Ironically it wasn't even supposed to be a stop on this trip. We simply left the house too late, hit traffic we were trying to avoid, and just couldn't make the drive all the way to our intended first campsite... so we settled f...

We're stoked beyond words to have lined up a summer of road trips worth remembering for our boys. That plan got even more exciting as we landed a partnership with Tepui Tents as part of their 2018 Endless Adventure Campaign! If you've never heard about Tepui before they are a roof top tent company that also carries a load of other essential gear for outdoor adventurers. They're awesome! 

First of all, thanks for caring enough to watch our intro video and read this as we launch a new section of th...

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