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#EndlessAdventure18 | Day 2 | UMATILLA NATIONAL FOREST

So I new the Moses Lake dunes were going to be hard to beat but I didn't know the very next night we were going to find this camp spot with this back to back sunsets!

As we continued to drive east we were headed for the Umatilla National Forest but knew we had to make a slight detour and needed to visit our states waterfall, Pallouse Falls. It's a rare geological feature in this otherwise fairly dry and flat part of the state. The falls were created and glaciers receded during the last ice age. Most of the other falls like this in our state have dried up long ago but Pallouse Falls keeps pumping out the water creating some pretty spectacular views.

Umatilla National Forest, we made it to our destination in the corner. Now we just had to find a cool place to camp. The park is largely a forest in the Blue Mountains of Oregon but creeps its way into the SE corner of WA as well. It doesn't seemed to get mentioned very much by Washingtonians very much (at least by those living on the west side of the state) and that may very well be because many have simply never heard of it and been. After spending half a day wandering it was awesome! We can't wait to go back some day!

The trees and mountains were just different than those found in the Cascades right in our backyard. There's wasn't as much, or any, undergrowth in between the trees... this may be due to the drier climate and the more frequent forest fires but it seemed like you could look deep into the trees. At home there a billion plants growing 10' high in between every tree it seems. So sometimes your forest experience is hindered a little.

There was another ORV park here that allowed us to wander all over the ridge lines and mountain tops finding several really impressive views. We had to resist the temptation on several attempts to just set up camp. With each dirt trail/road we took it seemed to lead to an even more impressive look out.

Finally though, as we arrived, the sun set was shining on what was to be our final campsite. We apparently no humans around for miles we enjoyed the epic ending to what was an adventurous day. I started to feel encouraged about this summer camping tour as all of us were having a blast!

Happy Exploring,

The Boren Fam

L E T ’ S C O N N E C T . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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