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#EndlessAdventure18 | LET'S HIT THE ROAD

We're stoked beyond words to have lined up a summer of road trips worth remembering for our boys. That plan got even more exciting as we landed a partnership with Tepui Tents as part of their 2018 Endless Adventure Campaign! If you've never heard about Tepui before they are a roof top tent company that also carries a load of other essential gear for outdoor adventurers. They're awesome!

First of all, thanks for caring enough to watch our intro video and read this as we launch a new section of the website!!! The BOREN WILD blog. It won't be for everyone, and that's fine. You may of been watching this wondering who emailed this to you and why... let me explain.

We've been working hard to grow . As we've connected with many of the ExploreWA fans it seems more people than we realized appreciate knowing the faces behind the brand. So we're excited to launch the BOREN WILD blog for anyone who might be interested in connecting with us more personally.

ExploreWA is mainly a page that has nothing to do with us and everything to do with helping you. Honestly we like it that way. In no way shape or form are we trying to turn it into a family vlog or something. 99.99% of what we post will continue to be exactly what you expect from us. We just figured we'd add a little section for those of you who'd like to better get to know us, The Boren's.

With all of that said, here's what we're up to. Our goal with the upcoming videos/blogs on Boren Wild is to capture each of our 5 planned road trips this summer, and share them with the world in a way that encourages people, especially young families to get outside and explore. We believe that teaching kids how to have fun outdoors creates lasting family bonds, nurtures an adventurous spirit, and will help them build a sense of self reliance and excitement for life.

Along the way we'll be making some smaller pieces of content full of location details, our planned routes, family camping tips and tricks, Q&A sessions, and more. We've already had hundreds of people reach out asking us questions and just figured we'd compile it all together to help anyone else who might be curious now or in the future.

If Instagram is your thing, Mallory will be capturing it on her Insta Stories @malloryboren

If YouTube is easier for you to watch these videos then feel free to subscribe to our personal channel and follow the entire #EndlessAdventure18 Playlist.

If you prefer to just get an email each time we write a blog then sign up for our newsletter. It's located in the footer of every page.

You'll find links to our personal accounts below and we look forward to connecting with anyone that wants to.

No matter how you choose to get notified we hope you enjoy both the Boren Wild blog and ExploreWA as we aim to compile as much useful content as we can for all sorts of adventures from all over our state!

Happy Exploring,

The Boren Fam

L E T ’ S C O N N E C T . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


To catch up on all of the 10 Endless Adventure Winners check out Tepui's Endless Adventure Blog.

To shop their products or learn more about the company check out their site.




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