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Mt Erie is a great drive up destination located on Fidalgo Island just north of Deception Pass. Because of the communication towers located at the top there's a paved, but still fairly rough, road all the way to the top. You'll also find the eagle featured at the end of the video ;) A paved road to the top and being only minutes from Anacortes make this one of the best view-for-effort spots in our state. At the top you'll find a few different paths to take, all with a top notch camera worthy photo opportunities. If you feel like hiking your way to the top there are some trails that start down at the bottom. The trails have plenty of smaller branching trails that lead to prime rock climbing spots!

Once you're at the top you'll see lake Campbell just below. This is one of the few lakes located on an island that also has an island of its own. Yup, an island on an island, you don't see that every day. The truth is amidst the landscape of coastline and San Juan Islands you might not be that impressed with the lake island itself. No worries, that because there is so much view to take in. If you can make it for a sunset sometime you'll surely not be disappointed.

This is also a destination for thousands of rock climbers each year and you're bound to find people repelling of the top and or climbing their way up from the bottom. So be careful to not kick/throw rocks down below.

Here are a few helpful links to get you started. Be sure to share your adventures on our Facebook Group.

Happy Exploring!


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