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I bet most of you reading wouldn't typically classify a 1 mile hike as challenging? Well you may not have hiked Beacon Rock yet then. ;)

It's a dizzying 1 mile trail carved out of this giant rock just under 1000' high. You doing the math with me? That's almost 1' up for every 1' forward. So if your ready for a hike with elevation gaining views all the way up then you're in for a treat as you get a truly breathtaking (and glutte pumping) view of the Columbia River Gorge below.

During the summer month there is also rock climbing routes on almost every side of Beacon Rock. If the hike or rock climbing aren't your thing then the rest of the state park is still very much worth visiting. With a boat launch, waterfalls to hunt down, trails for horseback riders and cyclists the park has plenty to do for almost everyone. And once you're done at the park you're just a few minutes away from Vancouver where there's plenty of places to grab some grub and enjoy the day.

Happy Exploring!


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