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Tree Root Cave

Kalaloch Beach is located on the southwest coast of the Olympic Peninsula. This is where you'll find this unusual sort of cave, the Tree Cave. This tree is thriving despite the ground eroding away underneath it exposing the majority of its root system. Supported by just a few obviously tough roots this tree has become a popular place to visit and snap a selfie or two. It's easy enough to make the trip thanks to Kalaloch Campground located on the same beach just south of the tree cave.

Kalaloch means "a good place to land" in the Quinault language and the park contains many other neat areas to explore. The Pacific shoreline provides tide pools, sandy beaches, and the perfect environment for crabs, sea urchins, sea otters, and shore birds. Whales and dolphins can also occasionally be seen emerging offshore. With 73 miles of coast line and trails wondering all over the 3 national wildlife refuges inside the park, there is plenty of exploring to fill a weekend.

The Campground has about 168 campsites available year round. While none of the sites are directly on the beach a few of them have a view of the coast line and all of them have easy access to trails that lead straight down to the beach.

Happy Exploring!


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