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This alien looking landscape is right here in our backyard!

Potholes is a large reservoir located at the southern end of Moses Lake. The reservoir, let's just call it a lake, is pretty big and provides a variety of activities but what makes it so unique is the northern half of the lake.

Thousands of sand dunes slip into the water creating a labyrinth of roads, islands, and pockets of water that make it perfect for fishing, unique camping spots, and an ORV (off road vehicle) park that allows you to roam around all those islands. As the reservoir's water level drops throughout the summer months more and more of the ORV's roads open up for use. Just up the dirt road is also a Moses Lake Dune and Mud Flats park area where you can take all sorts of buggies, bikes, and atvs through the sandy desert terrain.

If you're here for the boating you'll find boat launches at both the northern (island) end of the lake and also at the state park located on the southwest bank. The water opens up on the southern half and feels more like a traditional lake making it an excellent place to cool off in the hot summer months and swim, paddle board, go tubing, skiing, and surfing. The water is all connected so from either boat launch you can cruise through the islands, hunt down your perfect fishing spot, or claim some land for the night and camp on your very own island. It's a pretty good place to escape and be out there all by yourself. That is you and all your friends/family that want to come with you ;)

If fishing isn't your thing then may birding is? (yes that's a real thing) As the water level drops in summer months you can cross off your list about 15 or so types of birds that make home, or at least visit, the Potholes throughout the year.

If you're after some less adventurous camping then the state park might be perfect for you. With campsites, RV hook ups, swimming areas, 3 miles of hiking trails, and some bathroom facilities it's still an excellent place to add to your "must see" list.

Be ready to fight off the mosquitoes during bug season, and be prepared to avoid a potential snake crossing, but this insanely unique desert location is definitely a place worth visiting!

Below is a list of links that should help you get started planning your trip.

If you do visit please share your experience and pictures on our Facebook Group and help others decide if this place is perfect for them. This is also a great group to ask questions about other cool destinations all around the state as you plan your next adventure.

Happy Exploring!


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