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Eastern Washington is full of things to do, places to see, and people to meet. You'll find mountain forests, desert plains, world class wineries, sand dunes, summer lakes, surprising wildlife, and more. Whether you're looking for some adventuring or after a little R&R, there is plenty to discover here in Eastern Washington. Here's a list of some "need to know" places on the eastern side of our state.

* Many of our destinations are recommendations from the community on our Facebook Page or Group.

Please follow along and feel free to ask questions or make suggestions that might help others Explore WA.


1. Spokane Centennial Trail

Whether you choose to bike, run, or walk the trail you'll enjoy fantastic views of the Spokane River, urban section of down town Spokane, and a grand finale of the trail which ends at the Nine Mile Falls Recreation Area. With 40 miles of trail in Washington, it even connects to another 20 miles of Idaho Centennial Trail. Offering you 60 miles of continuous paved beauty laced trail to enjoy.


2. Coalville National Forest

Coalville National Forest is a small park of only 1.1 million acres. (sarcasm) Some believe Washington is all flat beyond the Cascades and this just isn't true at all. Three columns of mountain ranges; the Okanogan, Kettle River, and Selkirk are considered to be the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This National Forest provides a host of outdoor adventure. If you haven't explored this corner of the state then quite frankly, you're missing out.


3. Palouse Falls State Park

Most famous for it's 200' Palouse Falls you'll be able to discover the unique geology of the area, better understand a bit of the history of the Palouse Indians, and snap some breathtaking pictures with minimal effort. This 100+ acre park is very accessible from the road, and a view of the falls is earned by walking a short ADA accessible path to the lookout. In the winters you'll find a mostly frozen snow covered version of the same impressive views.


4. Pot Holes State Park

This outer-worldly landscape looks like a scene from Star Wars on some far off planet. At the one end of Moses Lake is a massive reservoir that dissolves into a sandy labyrinth of sand dune islands. It goes on for miles and is mainly navigable from power boats, canoes, or even paddle boards. If you have access to one of those then you're in for a one of a kind experience. The islands create shelter for some of the best lake fishing in the entire state, and camping is as easy as boating out and claiming your island for the weekend. If you can't make it out to the thousands of islands there's plenty of state park to play around at, swim, bbq, and have a good time.


5. Walla Walla Wineries

In Washington's southeastern corner you'll find some of the best wineries in the world. I'm not talking it up either. (more on that) With a host of wineries to choose from you could spend weeks here pulling off a wine crawl to be remembered. Many start the tasing tour at Woodward Canyon Winery as they enter the valley, then work there way east into the city of Walla Walla. With eats to match, you'll find an impressive culinary culture in this area of the state.


6. Juniper Dunes Wilderness

An OHV area you're bound to have a little fun with you're 4x4, motorcycle, ATV, or horse. You won't find any established hiking trails in the area, but there is an open 7000+ acres ready to explore. You'll find very desert conditions here, wind swept dunes as high as 130' and 1200' long! Beware of the drastic temperature swings overnight and the lack of natural water around, but if you come prepared you'll have a blast on the dunes of Washington.


7. Sun Lakes​​ State Park & Resort

Located in the middle of our state, Sun Lakes State Park is a great way to enjoy some warmer temps and plenty of sun. The state park is centrally located to multiple clean lakes within a few minute drive. The lakes have provided summer memories of fun for thousands of families over the last few generations. Activities include swimming, boating, fishing, paddle boarding, cliff jumping, golf, hiking, and more. If you're planning a trip here, you'll find the State Park has camp sites, showers, and bathrooms for hundreds. Just up the road, practically connected, there is Sun Lakes Resort which has additional tent camping, RV accommodations, and even small cabins for those of you who prefer a few creature comforts. (AC, electricity, lights, small kitchenettes, beds, and tables for late night card games) With additional gorgeous views you have Banks Lake, Grand Coulee Damn, and Dry Falls all within driving distance.


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