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If you'd like to get your feet wet and learn to play in the Olympics a bit this year then the Lena Lake Trail is a good place to get introduced to these set of mountains. The trail provides access to some obviously gorgeous views, while taking you through some old growth forest, giant ancient boulder fields left by glaciers of the past, bridges, water falls, streams, and some epic lake views at the top.

Up for more than just a day hike? Bring your gear and you can claim a camping site (first come first serve) on lower Lena Lake, OR keep on walking you way up to the upper lake and ditch the crowds. On the weekends you might find all 28 camp sites taken on Lower Lena.

The additional 4 miles (each way) separates the backpackers from the casual weekenders. If you make the journey to the 2nd lake you'll find some pretty special alpine meadows set below both Mount Lena and Mount Bretherton. The trail gets a bit more rough, and bit more steep so be prepared but is very doable for most casual backpackers.

Be sure you get a backcountry permit from Olympic National Park (360) 565-3100) before you hit the trail as the upper lakes cross the border into the National Park.

Here are a few helpful links to get you started. Be sure to share your adventure on our Facebook Group.

Happy Exploring!

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