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So a trip to the North Pole isn’t in the cards this Christmas for most of us. But who needs negative temps and tons of travel, when you can take a ride on the only daylight train to the legendary Christmas town of Leavenworth to see the annual Lighting Festival.

The fun begins as you board the train, cozy into your seat and enjoy a continental breakfast. The changing scenery outside will compete for your attention onboard the train as oom-pa-pah bands, carolers, magicians and Santa perform through the aisles.

Upon arrival in Leavenworth, the fun continues in the streets of this Bavarian mountain town, that’s dressed up to look and feel, as The New York Times wrote, “a bit like the interior of a snow globe.” We’ll take in the season as we roam around this “perfect place to spark the holiday spirit,” where horse-drawn carriages glide down the roads, carolers stroll, and vendors sell delicious holiday fare. Later, everyone gathers for the highlight of the day: In one truly magical moment, the entire town will become illuminated in a synchronized display that rivals the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (and is a whole lot more charming).

After, re-board the train where dinner, more entertainment, hot chocolate and our fabulous staff awaits to make your Christmas wishes come true.

The train ain't cheap however, ticket are about $250+ per person. Of course it's a pretty romantic idea and a once in a lifetime experience to plow through the snow up a mountain in the winter with someone special!

If you're interested in learning more visit their website for dates and ticketing info.

If you've been before I'd love to know what you thought.


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