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Sun Lakes is a pretty magical little place for thousands of visitors each year. There is both a State Park and a small resort located on the same side of the Parks Lake. The Lake itself gets plenty of sun and warms up quick in the summer months. With multiple large swimming areas, and a full floating dock and marina it's a hot spot for boat lovers and families full of swimmers.

For all the glampers out there the cabins available at the resort have AC, full beds, kitchens and showers. The resort has a mini-golf course, a pool, a snack bar near the swimming area, gift shop, and a small store and some large group accommodations as well. There is also a marina to keep your boat at if you're after the early morning glassy waters, cliff jumping, and or fishing that can be found on the lake. Making it a pretty comfortable few days if you choose to make this one of your summer destinations. Although be warned, you should probably book your stay several months in advance. They take reservations up to 12 months in advance... and for a reason.

The State Park is also a popular spot and has been built accordingly to handle large numbers of summer campers. You'll find the usual large State Park bathrooms and showers by token available. They've done a pretty good job making sure that most sites have some sort of tree or shade available as it get's pretty warm in these parts of the state. Most of the areas of the resort, including the mini golf, concession stand, and marina area is available for use for a fee.

Got a camper or RV? You're more than welcome here as well! With hookups and sites both at the resort and the State Park you'll be able to park your rig and take advantage of this beautiful area of our state.

Near by are plenty of other sites to see as well. Banks Lake is massive and has some of the best lake fishing around. Deep Lake has some pretty cool cliffs into deep clear water that are perfect for a little cliff jumping or splashing around in this long skinny little canyon lake. Also Dry Falls is another look out/hike that you'll pass on the way to Sun Lakes and it's worth a stop to see the massive scars in the earth left by the last ice age. If you know where to look you might also find some mammoth fossils from ages ago. There is also some additional hiking, golfing, fishing, biking, and boating in the area.

We don't want to spoil all the exploring, but hopefully that's enough of a list of to-do's to convince you to put Sun Lakes on your destination bucket list and pay it a visit.

Here are a few helpful links to get you started. Be sure to share your adventures/pictures on our Facebook Group.

Happy Exploring!


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