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So if you didn't know Seattle has a little bit of an obsession with glassblowing. There is quite a heritage of glassblowing in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area and you'll see evidence of that all over the region.

Seattle City Center holds the Chihuly Garden and Glass that creatively shows off some of the work of our PNW glass blowing master Dale Chihuly. You'll also find his work (and work inspired by him) all around our airports, Bellevue shopping center, and throughout the Puget Sound region.

Tacoma houses an entire museum dedicated to the craft. It's called, get this, The Museum of Glass. Despite the cringing idea of a little kid running around knocking over irreplaceable works of art it is in fact wonderfully welcoming to kids and many of the exhibits actually intended for their little creative minds.

If you're new to the area maybe this starts to explain a little of the glass art you've seen decorate the cities of the PNW. If you're from here you may have already known all of that, but have you ever tried doing it?

Yup, I mean giving the glassblowing a try for yourself. Well if you haven't you need to give it a shot. It is completely mesmerizing to make, and fascinating to experience the entire creative process. While there are a number of glass studios around to get started, Seattle Glassblowing Studio makes it easy for you to try out.

They host a number of glass blowing specific events throughout the year bringing in top talent from all around to teach and inspire.

They also open up their studio to those looking for a unique birthday party or business meeting for those looking to have some fun with friends.

As far as classes go, they have options for anyone ages 5 and up. It's a great way to let your creative side take over and see if you happen to have a nac for glassblowing. So share this with a friend and dive into the PNW art culture, and give it a try.

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